Client Testimonials

Some feedback from Sachiko’s clients who recently received a healing session:

"Profound healing! I took my first Reiki session with Sachiko simply out of pure curiosity - I was so moved and decided to learn Reiki right away. Just launched my Reiki journey, but the more I use Reiki, the more I appreciate it. I'm speechless how the unlimited supply of incredible energy can help improve various aspects of my life. Simply amazing!"

S.K./Female (Reiki Healing)

“After a nervous breakdown caused by a troublesome relationship, I was suffering from shoulder tension and pain, headache, severe fatigue and depression. I felt much better after a several sessions and was able to take a positive step into a new direction. During the sessions, I felt an energy flowing throughout my body and mind and they felt cleansed, and found myself in tears. Having experienced the pleasant sensation being surrender to whatever the healing gave me, I realized how important it was to face and accept my true self, and to recognize my thought patterns. I will continue having sessions on a regular basis."

Y.M./Female (Crystal Healing)

“I tried a Crystal Healing to balance my chakra. After scanning my whole body, Sachiko put some power stones on various spots, and then lightly touched my body. A few minutes later, I started feeling refreshed and felt something warm running through the sole of my feet to my knees. When the session was over, I felt fully recharged and was looking forward to the next session. Highly recommended!"

T.S./Male (Crystal Healing)

“On a balmy summer day, I had the Reiki session at Sachiko’s peaceful Healing Space. Feeling so good and calm in a state of deep relaxation during the session, I found myself falling asleep. I had an amazingly refreshing experience.”


M.L./Female (Reiki Healing)

"I really enjoyed my first Reiki healing, feeling light and rejuvenated. Everything was beautifully set to welcome and lead me to heaven, I felt like I was in a dream - the soothing aroma of essential oils, meditative music sound and relaxing atmosphere. It was all a “mystery” to me.  I had some problems that I hadn't told Sachiko like stress and constipation, but they magically disappeared following the session.  Having had the experience, now I have no doubt that Reiki is a powerful, effective tool to make our daily life more pleasant.”


I.K./Female (Reiki Healing)