Welcome to Lafeel !


Nestled in a tranquil residential setting in Emerald Hills, San Francisco Bay Area, Sachiko warmly invites you to share her peaceful and energetically-rich healing space. She, a Reiki Master & Teacher and Sacred Stone Healing Practitioner, will guide you to deeply reconnect with, and rediscover yourself.


We all have a seed of radiance within us, but few people ever fully ignite that flame to illuminate their lives. Helping you tap into and amplify your inner radiance and let it shine to its' fullest is Sachiko's intension here at Lafeel.


Throughout healing sessions, she harmonizes your vibrations into alignment with the universe, restoring the balance of your body, mind and spirit. A well balanced body, mind and spirit allows you to listen to your inner voice, accept and love yourself as you are, and eventually lead to a new real you.